Do I need to pay a bond?

Some events will require a bond payment; the event categories are as follows: * **Major Event/High Risk:** A Major Event or High Risk event is determined as any function that involves alcohol and any function that is expecting a large attendance – e.g. Wedding / Birthday Party. * **Casual Event/Low Risk:** A Non-Regular User is also referred to as a ‘Casual Booking’, a group that wishes to hire the Venue for less than 10 events within a 12 month period. – e.g. Meeting / Seminar (bond not usually required). * **Regular User:** A Regular User must hold 10 or more events, booked in advance, within a 12 month period. –e.g. Weekly dance classes / Monthly meetings. Each category incurs a different cost; please refer to the Venue Fees & Charges on the relevant Community Space page: * [**Bellvista Meeting Place**](/spaces/bellvista-meeting-place) * [**Kawana Community Hall**](/spaces/kawana-community-hall) * [**Kawana Island Meeting Place**](/spaces/kawana-island-meeting-place) * [**Coolum Civic Centre**](