Frequently Asked Questions Community Spaces Hire

What is a self-service Venue?

A self-service venue does not have staff on site therefore it is the responsibility of the hirer to undertake the set up and pack down as well as technical operations (if applicable) for their event.

How do I make a booking?

If you would like to go ahead and book a self-service venue, please fill out the application form and return to us at your earliest convenience. No bookings will be entered into the system without a completed Venue Hire Application Form. Application forms can be found on the relevant Community Space page. 

What are the different hirer categories?
  • Community and Not for Profit: Schools, churches & religious organisations, government, registered community associations and Not for Profit organisations.
  • Regular: Classes and workshops run on a regular basis by local residents and organisations. Must commit to 10 or more bookings within a 12 month period.
  • Standard – Commercial: For profit organisations, workshops with paid attendance, expos, markets, classes, ticketed events. Less than 10 bookings in a 12 month period.
  • Standard – Private: Includes any private function or celebration, weddings, birthdays, Christmas parties, anniversaries, baby showers.
What are the different event categories?
  • Regular: A Regular User must hold 10 or more events, booked in advance, within a 12 month period.
  • Casual / low risk: A user that wishes to hire the Venue for less than 10 events within a 12 month period for an event that is considered a low risk event.
  • Casual / high risk: Any event that involves alcohol and any function that is expecting a large attendance is considered a high risk event.
How do I collect / return a key?

Keys can be collected from Venue 114 located at 114 Sportsmans Parade Bokarina. Upon collecting a key, security instructions and a unique security code will be provided. Keys are required to be returned to Venue 114 during business hours or to the afterhours key drop box.

What is an interchangeable space?

An interchangeable space refers to a room that has walls that can be moved to reconfigure the space with adjoining rooms.

What is the earliest start time / latest finish time for my event?

Bookings are encouraged from 7.00am through to the Venue Curfew time:

  • Beerwah Community Hall and Kawana Community Hall – Midnight
  • Kawana Island Meeting Place and Bellvista Meeting Place – 10.00pm
  • Maroochy Arts and Ecology Centre – 6.00pm *later bookings may be available upon request
What is included in my venue hire?

Each Community Space includes tables and chairs, for additional inclusions please refer to the relevant Community Space page:

Hirers are required to supply their own cloths and tea towels.

Do I have to set up my own furniture?

Yes, as each Community Space is a self-service model it is the responsibility of the hirer to set up and pack down. Please ensure you include set up and pack down time in your venue hire.

Do I need to pay for my set up/pack down time?

Yes, your charge for Venue Hire begins from the access time for set up and concludes at the exit time after pack down.

Do I need insurance?

Yes it is a requirement of all hirers to have Public Liability Insurance Cover ($20 Million). Council holds Public Liability Insurance with LGM Queensland which is available to selected hirers. To determine whether or not you are eligible to be covered by this policy, please view our Venue Hire Application Form Section 1 for details. If your event is not covered by our Policy please contact a licenced insurance company/broker to arrange and a copy of this policy. You will be required to provide us with a copy of your Insurance before your event can be confirmed.

Do I need to pay a bond?

Some events will require a bond payment; the event categories are as follows:

  • Major Event/High Risk: A Major Event or High Risk event is determined as any function that involves alcohol and any function that is expecting a large attendance – e.g. Wedding / Birthday Party.

  • Casual Event/Low Risk: A Non-Regular User is also referred to as a ‘Casual Booking’, a group that wishes to hire the Venue for less than 10 events within a 12 month period. – e.g. Meeting / Seminar (bond not usually required).

  • Regular User: A Regular User must hold 10 or more events, booked in advance, within a 12 month period. –e.g. Weekly dance classes / Monthly meetings.

Each category incurs a different cost; please refer to the Venue Fees & Charges on the relevant Community Space page:

Is Security required for my event?

If you are holding an event that involves alcohol, then it is a requirement that Security is engaged for the duration of the event. Likewise, if your event does not involve alcohol, but is determined as a ‘Major/High Risk Event’ by the Venue Officer then it is a requirement that Security is engaged for the duration of the event. The below information is a guide, your Venue Officer can provide further information regarding Security requirements.

  • Cost is approximately $57 per hour, per guard.
  • Minimum guard requirement - ratio of 1 guard per 100 guests.
  • Guards have a minimum 4 hour duty requirement
  • Guards must be employed from the commencement of the event and/or alcohol consumption through to the time that all patrons have exited the venue (Event start – Exit Time)
When is my booking confirmed?

Once your Venue Hire Application has been submitted and processed, an Event Agreement outlining your charges and your requirements for final confirmation/approval will be forwarded to you. You will also receive a Deposit Invoice (25% of the Venue hire costs, strictly non-refundable) that is due within 14 days.

Once the Deposit Payment & signed Event Agreement are received, then your event will be confirmed in the calendar.

Please note, 14 days prior to your event date, an invoice will be issued for the balance of hire fees and the bond. This invoice must be paid in full prior to your event. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your event.

Can I include the surrounding grounds as part of my event?

The Venue Hire Application only covers events that occur within the Venue, if you would like to include the surrounding grounds (e.g. Council Park adjacent to the venue) as part of your event you may need to apply for a land permit. Further information about this process is available on Sunshine Coast Councils Website.