The Vagus Nerve Workshop

9am - 3pm
Early Bird Special $270 (Valid until 29th May 2021)
Entry $270 per person

The Vagus Nerve Workshop

Knowledge is power. In this half-day workshop you’ll learn what research has discovered about the Vagus Nerve when it comes to chronic and traumatic stress, and how it effects our entire human experience.

By integrating the self-regulation tools taught several times per day, you’ll see profound changes in your nervous system and in-turn your health and wellbeing. This workshop will empower you with your own nervous system tool-kit filled with effective, evidence-based techniques. It will give you a framework to understand the different responses of your nervous system, and how to engage with it rather than being overwhelmed by emotions and physical sensations. 

The workshop is accessible and understandable for all. You’ll leave with greater autonomy in managing your emotions and chronic health conditions. If you’re a health professional it will equip you with a range of skills and the knowledge to better help your patients manage their symptoms. 

You’ll learn why nervous system dysregulation can happen, how your physiology perpetuates this cycle and most importantly how you can heal it for improved emotional, psychological and physical health. 

What’s included: 

  • The three and a half hour workshop consisting of both a formal presentation and practical exercises. The material taught is based on the emerging neuroscience research.
  • Lecture notes from the presentation. 
  • A video tutorial and a guided audio teaching you all of the exercises practiced throughout the workshop. 
  • Your very own brand new Vagus Ball™. This will be used for many parts of the practical session and you can take this home with you.
  • A certificate of completion.
  • Morning tea and lunch. 
  • There will be Q and A time at the end of the workshop.