The Organised Kitchen

7.00pm - 8.30pm
Entry $10

The Organised Kitchen

Join The Kitchen Coach for her brand new event! 

Going on tour around Australia in 2019 to major cities and regional areas, The Organised Kitchen event will share her insights into how every family in Australia can save time, improve their wellbeing and reduce their food and packaging waste in the kitchen.

Have you ever thought that in order to feel in control in the kitchen, that you needed to have been BORN organised? 

The truth is that most people only think about one out of the three major areas of organisation, and if you're missing any of the key ingredients then you'll end up falling back into your old ways and maybe being a little bit more frustrated that you're still not able to maintain organisation. 

Organisation is a skill and I believe that anyone can learn it! At The Organised Kitchen event I'll be guiding you through a process to set you up with an actionable plan that you can begin implementing straight away.

If you're tired of feeling disorganised and you know that something needs to change, then there's only one thing that you need to do, be there!

ATTENDEE BONUS: Your ticket provides you with $10 in store credit at The Source Bulk Foods Caloundra!"