Introducing Business Management Systems

9am - 4pm
$95 per person

Introducing Business Management Systems

A well-developed business management system (BMS) is required for businesses entering supply chains of major projects, including government, larger private tenders, and the resources or defense sectors. A BMS assists you to manage major risks and ensures consistent delivery of your product/service in the supply chain.

This session will help you think about what your quality, environment and OH&S management systems are communicating to procurement managers.

Topics covered in this one-day, interactive workshop include:

  • ISO certification requirements
  • steps to building a BMS
  • components of a good BMS
  • practical application of internal audits, risk and resource management
  • process mapping in action

Facilitators, Terry O’Brien and Asrar Ismail from Quality Management Australia will cover what you need to develop your Quality, Environment and OH&S Management Systems.

Just bring along your laptop and charger to gain the support you need from experts in this field.