FAQs - Visiting Venue 114

Are companion cards accepted?
Events ticketed by Venue 114 accept companion cards, which promotes fair ticketing for people who have a disability and a lifelong need for ‘attendant care support’ to attend venues and activities. Your companion card will need to be sighted to collect your tickets.
Can I book tickets over the phone and pay for them later?
No, tickets must be paid in full at the time of the booking. The only exception is group or school bookings. If you are making a group booking for 10 or more people we will put your seats on hold for a short time to allow you to collect payment from your group. For more information please refer to the group and school visits page.
Do you have concession discounts?
Ticket prices and concession discounts are set by the event promoter, not Venue 114, therefore prices and concession types will vary for each event. Please check for available event discounts when purchasing your tickets on the event page.
How can I buy tickets?

For events that are ticketed by Venue 114 tickets can be purchased online, over the phone or at the Box Office. Please note for over the phone ticket purchases an additional phone transaction fee will apply.

Events that are not ticketed by Venue 114 will have alternative ticket purchase methods which will be advertised on the event page.

How do I book for special needs?
If you require specific seating or need to remain in a wheelchair for the duration of a performance, please let our Box Office staff know at the time of booking in person or by telephone 07 5413 1400. Venue 114 will ensure that you have the best available seating arrangements for your needs.
How do I choose my seats?

If the event is not general admission you will have the ability to choose your own seats when booking online, by phone or in person. Event seating plans can be seen when purchasing a ticket online or at the Box Office.

If you do not wish to choose your own seats when booking online select the ‘best available’ option. You will always be allocated the best available seating available at the time of booking. For large groups please refer to the group and school visits page.

How do I collect my tickets?
When purchasing your tickets you can select to collect at the Box Office or an eTicket. Photo identification and the credit card used to purchase the tickets are required to collect your tickets from the Box Office. Tickets will not be posted. eTicket’s will be emailed directly to you as a PDF attachment: one document, one ticket per page. You do not have to print your eTicket as it can be scanned on mobile devices, please have each eTicket ready for scanning on arrival.
How do I get a refund?

Venue 114 has a strict no refund policy however in special circumstances the policy will be reviewed and may permit a refund however this is at the discretion of Venue 114.

When refunds are permitted, or in the event of the cancellation of a performance, monies will only be refunded to the credit card that was originally used to purchase the ticket/s. If the purchase method was cash or the credit card originally used to purchase the tickets is no longer valid than the refund will be provided via a bank transfer.

I’ve lost my tickets, what can I do?
Please contact the Box Office who will be able to re-email the tickets to you. Box Office will not be able to re-issue hard copy tickets.
What are your opening hours?
Venue 114’s office is open from 9.00am – 4.00pm, Monday – Friday. Please note our opening times do change as per event requirements and will generally be advertised on the event page.
What ID do I need to pick up my tickets?
Standard identification such as a driver’s license or credit card may be required to collect your tickets as well as proof of any concessions you have claimed.
What parking is available?
Venue 114 has both an onsite car park and on street parking, for further information please refer to the visit us page.
When should I arrive?
Events start at the time stated on your ticket. Make sure you have plenty of time to park your car, walk to the venue and find your seat (if you are attending a seated event).
When will the Box Office and gates open?
Box Office and the gates open one hour before the start time of the event unless advertised otherwise, please refer to the event page for further information.
Why do you collect personal information?
  • If your tickets are stolen/lost we can trace them to you and reissue the ticket in most cases
  • If an error occurs that we were unaware of at the time of sale we can correct it
  • If we need to change your seating, we can contact you before the performance, ensuring a hassle free event for all
  • If a show is cancelled we are able to contact you regarding your refund

Although these occurrences are rare they do happen and it does help us to serve you better. If you have given us permission to do so, we can send you important pre-event information.